9 types of Wedding Bouquet Styles that You will love!

As a florist myself and a bride-to-be, picking a wedding bouquet can be crazy!

While you are busy settling the wedding gown (that is like the most important thing),
thinking of  what decorations you will need for the venue,
what are the food to be served, alcohol options and etc..
and finally, the Bridal Bouquet.

We always tell those brides-to-be to pick something that speaks her.
It was not a marketing tagline, but it is very true that the bride should pick a bridal bouquet
that is able to represent who you really are and to complement your overall look and theme.

3 key points that you should consider before deciding: Your wedding gown, your height & size,
last but not least, the venue.

You will then go into details where the style, flower types, and the colours.

We heard you gals!
Do not panic, let us help you figure out what is right for you!

AfterRainFlorist gathered some information on the 9 types of wedding bouquets
to consider carrying as you walk down the aisle!


One: Round Wedding Bouquet

Type of wedding bouquet inspiration: Round Bridal flower

Round Wedding Bouquet is always a no-brainer choice for brides.
It is a well-known bouquet type that creates the classy and elegant look.

The bouquets are round in shape. Most of the bouquet uses round bloom flowers
with little greenery to keep them in a consistent shape.

This never-fails bridal bouquet works well with modern & traditional weddings.
If you are having a classy and clean wedding gown, you may consider having this as your bridal bouquet.
Do not worry about the size, it can be customised to fit you 😊

Besides this classic round shape, there are another 2 round shape styles
with different arrangement concepts.
The first one is called the Biedermeier.

Type of wedding bouquet inspiration: Biedermeier

The Biedermeier bouquet is European influenced.
The concept of Biedermeier Bridal Bouquet is to create a concentric circle.
The blooms are tightly structured and carefully arranged in defined circular patterns.

It is popular due to its dramatic beauty and contrast!

The second Round Bridal Bouquet style arrangement is The Posy

Unlike strict round style, Posies are smaller bouquets that consist of flowers with little greeneries.
It is commonly used for petite brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls.
Posy style ties the flowers with decorative ribbon, and easy to hold in one hand.

In Malaysia, Posies are mostly used for Registration of Marriage, or simple weddings.

Two: Composite Wedding Bouquet

Type of wedding bouquet inspiration: composite bridal bouquet

Composite Wedding Bouquet requires a certain level of technique to complete.
A very detailed wiring technique together with a series of petals and blooms to create one single giant flower.

Composite Wedding Bouquet carries an extravagant and luxurious feel,
hence the price will be higher than usual bridal bouquets.
As a florist, we’ve made this design before and it is no joke.
It may look simple to assemble, but it is not at all.

Sizes varies and can be customized to your size.

Three: Cascading Wedding Bouquet

Elegant Cascading Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

When we talk about Cascading Wedding Bouquet,
you will not miss the story of Princess Diana and her 42-inch long Cascading Bridal Bouquet back then.
It was a fantasy for so many brides.
Though personally, I think it is a bit on the heavy side.
Having said that, it does create a beautiful waterfall of flower
where the bride would be getting jaw-dropping impressions.

Imagine if you have got a long walkway to go before reaching the groom.
Holding this style of bridal bouquet would really compliment the view!
Cascading Bridal Bouquets are well known for very high-end & elegant weddings.
With different fresh blooms and greens combination,
it works well for garden style weddings too.
In terms of the size, cascading bridal bouquets are better match with taller brides.

Four: Presentation Wedding Bouquet

Presentation Wedding Flower, also known as pageant flowers.
It was traditionally used in pageant competitions like Miss America,
but it has slowly become one of the wedding bouquets options.
The characteristic of a Presentation Flower is
when the bouquet can easily fit into the crook of the bride’s arm and she can carry it effortlessly.

Five:Crescent Wedding Bouquet

Crescent Wedding Bouquet is usually fuller in the center,
extends outward and has a slight curve that extends downwards (or slightly upwards).

If you are a bride who is looking for something a little different or stands out,
Crescent style may be a great choice.
It can be used in many wedding settings,
such as modern, simple elegant, romantic, rustic or even whimsical weddings.

Six: Freestyle Wedding Bouquet

Freestyle Wedding Bouquet is like the most wanted bouquet among all (based on modern brides).
Combination can be in rustic, whimsical, pampas etc.
It does not have a fixed shape. Its arrangement uses spiral technique tied with long flowy ribbon.

Because of its wild shape, it creates a free and artistic ambience.
It has been highly requested for pre-wedding photoshoot.

Seven: Single Stem Wedding Flower

Less is more – The new trend mantra.
Instead of having large bouquets with abundance of colours,
choosing only one flower gives off a simple and clean appearance.
Do not worry that it feels like a budget wedding or not as beautiful.
Holding a single stalk of flower can be elegant and sweet looking too!

Although, we understand this might not be relevant to Malaysian brides,
but if you are planning to go with a minimalist wedding, this would be your best choice!

Eight: Pomander Wedding Flower

Isn’t it cute to be holding one?
Pomander style flower feature a round ball of flowers
and commonly decorated with jewels and gems.
This style is traditionally used for children and flower girls.
Best choice for petite size brides.

Nine: Contemporary Wedding Flower

We would call it a Wedding Flower instead of bouquet because it has no particular form.
This contemporary bridal flower style creates a detailed and complex arrangement in unexpected angles. Hence it is a unique and abstract art piece.

Though it is hardly seen in normal weddings,
but it is commonly used as a matching piece with Bridal gown fashion show or artistic events.
In recent years, some Malaysian brides have adopted the wreath style bridal flower for her bridesmaids.

After reading through the 9 types of wedding bouquets, are you able to find one that speaks you?

All the best! 🥰

Reference: https://www.fiftyflowers.com/blog/types-of-bouquets-2/

Any feedback? Let us know.

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