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After Rain Florist – A brand that celebrates hope & love.

It all started with a simple feeling that when the long heavy rain stops,
looking at the flower surviving through the storm & continue to bloom,
the refreshing bright sky, knowing that the world is going to be a better place
– it deeply moved these two ladies, who strive to bring that joyful & new start feeling to people around them.
As there is mandarin word to describe: 雨后天晴 <3

As simple as brighten up your own day, congratulate a business opening,
someone’s graduation, a get well soon gift, welcoming a newborn to the world or as a surprise!

Some even take birthdays, parties & big days to a new height with the help of these beautiful flowers.

Wish to know more? Ping us! 😊



From tiny gifts to extravagant surprises. We’ve got you covered! 
Check out our shop list for latest bouquets, products & gifts! 

Flowers for all occasions:
– Seasonal Bouquets & Gifts
– Daily Bouquets & Gifts
– Basket arrangements
– Opening stands
– Condolence stands & related floral

Besides daily flowers, AfterRainFlorist cares about your special occasions too!

As a teenager who slowly grows up to be an adult, we discover that each and every stage of life such as birthday parties, family celebrations, company events and getting married, too much to plan and don’t even know where to start with.

Trust us, we have been through those moments and a great help is what you need!

Tell us your ideas and what you dream of, let us carry away the burden and do the magic.

Can’t wait to see you approach us with a story! 🙂 

I am getting married!
– Bridal Bouquets & Groom Boutonnieres
– Bridesmaid Bouquets & Groomsman Corsages
– Parents’ hand wrist corsages & corsages
– Bridal Car Décors
– Bridal Hair Pieces
– Wedding Decorations
Corporate Events
Social & Occasions

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