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How do you plan to celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is a festival where the atmosphere of celebration should be visible. The feeling of excitement for the upcoming year, the expectation that we would like to achieve. It is also a time where we want to slow down and enjoy the decorations that our friends and relatives have put on. But hey, […]

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Flower Bouquet with Message Card by AfterRainFlorist

Do you need a message card with flower?

Messages brings forth meaning for an action. As a florist, besides beautiful blooms, romantic wrapping papers and lush ribbons, we care about how the love message is shown to the recipient too! Words has always been an issue especially with Asian families. Human hardly express care and love verbally, simply because they are shy and […]

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Getting better offers when you decorate your office reception or meeting rooms?

Getting better offers when you decorate your office reception or meeting rooms? When we talk about office environment, often times we will be looking from the minimalist point of view. Having less means having more. But can those now empty spaces bring more than that? Humans are a vision being. Things we see impacts how […]

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Elegant Cascading Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

9 types of Wedding Bouquet Styles that You will love!

As a florist myself and a bride-to-be, picking a wedding bouquet can be crazy! While you are busy settling the wedding gown (that is like the most important thing),thinking of  what decorations you will need for the venue,what are the food to be served, alcohol options and etc..and finally, the Bridal Bouquet. We always tell […]

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Mother's Day 2020 by AFTERRAINFLORIST

Happy Mother’s Day

Let me start off with a Mothers’ day greeting,   There are always heroes in our houses and Mother is definitely one of them. A homemaker, a trouble-solver, a cook and a lover even when their children did wrong, a superwoman in completing impossible household chores, a protector without rest. Above all, someone who makes […]

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Can you name them all? by AFTERRAINFLORIST

Can you name them all?

As a florist, we work with florals & foliage on day by day basis. However, it does not mean that we are able to remember all floral’s name and quickly identify a flower or plant. Such as when you are walking in the garden and someone pointed at a flower and waiting for your response. […]

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Making life a little more beautiful by AFTERRAINFLORIST

Making life a little more beautiful

It is always nice to look into soothing colors and appreciate the things that nature provides.At the same time, feel appreciated to be able to live in a world that is filled with colors from the items all around us. Flowers have always been a way of expression for us to show a form of […]

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2020 CNY Artisan Gift Box by by AFTERRAINFLORIST

The Artisan Gift Box from AfterRainFlorist

With an adventurous heart, we decided to start this exciting 2020 by making extraordinary gift boxes in conjunction with this first festive season of the year. Maybe because we’re bored with standard large CNY hampers with food that we don’t even know, we very much like to promote petite and delicious local food ? One of […]

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