Can you name them all?

As a florist, we work with florals & foliage on day by day basis.
However, it does not mean that we are able to remember all floral’s name and quickly identify a flower or plant.
Such as when you are walking in the garden and someone pointed at a flower and waiting for your response.

As much as we love and hope to remember these beautiful creations,
our mind does not cope with how we fantasize.

So, to ease this embarrassing emotion and not to let others down,
we manage to find some useful apps to share with you!

Can you name them all? by AFTERRAINFLORIST

It is not the best app in the world, it is just a simple plant identifier that
After Rain Florist would like to share with you
Specially if you are a flower/plant lover and dying to know their names or species.
What we are going to introduce are not sponsored, but with the idea of sharing great tools with you.

*These are not in any specific order




Can you name them all? by AFTERRAINFLORIST

Something to know about:

PlantNet is a great citizen science project: all the plants you photograph are collected and analysed by scientists around the world to better understand the evolution of plant biodiversity and to better preserve it.

For more info: Website | Apple | Android







Can you name them all? by AFTERRAINFLORIST

Something to know about:

LeafSnap can currently recognize 90% of all known species of plants and trees, which covers most of the species you will encounter in every country on Earth.

For more info :  Android

Last but not least…….






Can you name them all? by AFTERRAINFLORIST

Well, it is not exactly for flowers, but this is incredible! It helps to recognize anything including flowers & plants.

For more info: WebsiteApple | Android

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We hope the three Apps above would be a great help!
Try it out now and let us know if it is helpful to you!


Did you get it right? 

Top left: Bougainvillea | Grape Hyacinth | European Michaelmas-daisy | Allium Aflatunense
Bottom left:  Calla Lily | Cymbidium | Heliconia Collinsiana | Hydrangea 

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