How to take care Bridal Bouquet?

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Bridal Bouquet Care Guideline

Most of the time, bride and groom will be collecting the bouquet a day before from florist.
Guideline below is to help you keep the bouquet in good condition.

Steps 1: Keep the bouquet upright

Most bridal bouquets come with a water bag attached at the bottom.
Prepare a container to let the bouquet stay upright with the water bag.
Do not to let the bouquet to lean on any side of the flower. This to prevent the petals being pressed on and turn brown.

Steps 2: Keep the bouquet in a cold environment

Place the bouquet in a cold environment and not directed at the air-conditioning.
Kindly avoid putting the bouquet into the fridge as food and fruits will cause the flower to wilt faster.

Steps 3: Mist the flower

The water bag attached should have sufficient water till the next morning  for ceremony.
Besides that, you may keep the flower petals hydrated by spraying water occasionally.

Steps 4: Remove water bag when you are ready to use

Only remove the water bag when you are about to use the bouquet.


Bring the flower home as soon as possible and follow the guideline above once you collected the bouquet from florist.

Never hesitate to contact florist for further information if required.

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