How to take care Dried & Preserved Flower Related Product?

Dried Flower Related Product Care Guideline

1.Dried flowers don’t need water. All you need to do is keeping the flowers dry at all times.

2.Best to keep it away from direct sunlight and humid place. Air-conditioned, hot and humid area will cause dried flowers to fade and mildew.

3.Dried flowers are fragile and become more fragile as time goes on. Keep them in a spot with little movement is the best. 

4.They are best to be kept away from children and pets. As the pollen might cause allergy.

5.You may dust the bouquet with feather duster or use a hair dryer with low and non heat volume (keep a distance while blowing the dried flower using hair dryer)

Preserved Flower Related Product Care Guideline

1.Preserved flowers are natural florals that are preserved using state-of-the-art technology to maintain the bloom.

2.No water is required as it is preserved to last long.

3.They are best to be kept in a case. This is to keep them away from dust and humidity. Avoid direct sunlight and humid place.

4.Generally, there is no expiration date for preserved flower. However, it depends on the overall environment condition and care. 

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