How to take care Fresh Flower Bouquet?

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Fresh Flower Bouquet Care Guideline

After taking beautiful photos, you may wish to enjoy the beautiful blooms for a longer time. This is how you do it:

Steps 1: Remove packaging and trim the stems

Generally, bouquets are delivered with a water bag attached. You may slowly remove the wrapping and water bag over a sink.
Once removed from the packaging, cut the flower stems approximately 1 inch from the ends at a slanting angle (45 degree). This angle helps the stem to absorb water better.

Steps 2: Prepare a clean vase with water

Get a vase that is half filled (50%) with clean water and add in some flower food. (5 grams for 0.5 Litre of water)
Flower food helps to prolong the life of your flower.
Take note not to let the foliage submerge below water, as it will cause bacteria and the water will get murky easily.

Steps 3: After care

Place the vase at a cooling environment that is away from sunlight and heat.
Change water daily and remove flowers or foliage droppings (if any).
Re-cut the stems when you see the stems edge is browning.
Besides that, you may keep the flower petals hydrated by spraying water occasionally.

Only certain florals and greens can be dehydrated and transformed into dried bouquet.

Popular dry florals are Roses, Baby breaths, Caspias and Eucalyptus family foliages. 

All you need to do is hang the bouquet upside down in a covered and ventilated area.

Do take note to keep the bouquet away from rain drops and avoid sunlight.

Depending on the flower conditions, the bouquet should dry in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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