How to take care Money Related Product?

Special Customization Money with Fresh Flower Bouquet by AfterRainFLorist PJ Malaysia online Florist KL Selangor Klang Valley Flower Delivery Service

Money Related Product Care Guideline

It is always happy to receive a bouquet that comes with a thoughtful and practical meaning.
Money bouquet never fails to bring ultimate surprise and warm passion to the receiver.

Money bouquet is a folding art that requires time and effort by the florist to assemble.

Hence, it does require the receiver some patience and time to dismantle it.
All you need is to spend some time with simple tools such as scissors to remove the cellophane tape and wire that is used to secure the money flower.
After dismantle the money flower, the bank notes might crumble a little. However it is still in good condition to use.

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