Getting better offers when you decorate your office reception or meeting rooms?

Getting better offers when you decorate your office reception or meeting rooms?

When we talk about office environment, often times we will be looking from the minimalist point of view. Having less means having more. But can those now empty spaces bring more than that?

Humans are a vision being. Things we see impacts how we feel. Looking at a child crying makes us feel sad and playing with a laughing kid would make us happy. Many end-user / customer based enterprises uses this to their advantage.

Going to a high-end shopping mall would have some decorative pieces around the places to complement their products offering. Entering a boutique and you will see mannequin wearing their products around the shop. These are used to place an impression on passer-by to encourage interest.

In a more corporate settings, Hotels and Airport lounges have plants and flowers around critical areas to make people feel more welcomed. These are samples of how decorative pieces impacts the people within the area.

To make things more relatable to a generic enterprise, have you thought of using the same technique to get better deals with partners? Attracting better candidates or applicants?

By using this technique in a meaningful way, it encourages people to walk-in and feel welcomed.
By placing flowers into meeting rooms make the meeting more productive.

There are even researches done on the impact of flowers to a meeting rooms

A summary is this, it is well known that flowers can be beneficial to enhance the mood of people around. This is especially prevalent in homes, restaurants, and hospitals. Flowers with odour might bring a stronger impact, but at the same time it differs according to people. Thus, a more generic approach that will bring a positive note is to place odourless flowers in places where people meet.

3 Reasons why office reception should have flowers

Knowing these, let’s go through the 3 reasons why would you want to have flowers at office reception area.

Corporate image

Reception area is the first place that any visitors will visit when they arrive at your organization. First impressions are important to impact the discussions that will follow. Having a different setup of decoration paint a different image to the visitors.

Increase productivity

Without forgetting, the office reception is also a place where the employees will be passing by on a daily basis. This means that how it is being setup will inadvertently impact their mood as well. Placing flowers that reduces negative emotions would make the office a happier place to be in and then to work in. Flowers also have an impact on human’s cognitive functions too. This would in turn make the employees a better problem solver and a creative thinker.

Make spaces looks better on a low budget

Putting decorative pieces around the office area would cost a lot. Comparatively, getting flower decorations would be a big drop in expenses. As an additional advantage, fresh flowers would last 1 week or more as long as proper care is given. This would mean that the flower layout can be updated according to season and mood. Moving flower arrangements are also easier.

Place a flower placement at your reception area to test out the impact. It cost almost nothing to get a weekly fresh flower subscription for your reception area. Try it out for a couple of months and see how it impact your workplace!

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Let the beautiful flower art piece impress each and every part of your office!

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