Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day 2020 by AFTERRAINFLORIST

Let me start off with a Mothers’ day greeting,


There are always heroes in our houses and Mother is definitely one of them.

A homemaker, a trouble-solver, a cook and a lover even when their children did wrong, a superwoman in completing impossible household chores, a protector without rest.

Above all, someone who makes our house a HOME.

Happy Mothers Day!


Mother's Day Buah Bouquet 2020 by AFTERRAINFLORIST
Mother's Day Buah Bouquet 2020 by AFTERRAINFLORIST

We have been preparing for mother’s day since last year. This is an event that we would not want to miss. We have drafted out many ideas and different viewpoints.

Finally, we have decided to create something that we can correlate with mothers in general, “Practical”.

As a child, we have always been told to not waste money and be practical about things. Though there are many times that we encounter things that touches our hearts, but our practical mothers would often come from a viewpoint of – don’t waste money.

Along with that line of thought, we have decided to create a series of bouquet that we can proudly present to our mothers and telling them that this bouquet is not just for look, we can eat them!

We have done quite a lot of research and trials to ensure we are able to provide the flowers and the fruits to be as fresh as possible. We are extra careful in the handling as we all know, bumping fruits will spoil it quite fast. We also decided not to cut the fruits thus harming the content.

We have offered the bouquets at a discounted price as well as free delivery code for certain area to commemorate this mother’s day. The enquiries that we have received was overwhelming, and we are responding to enquiries even till late at night.

With MCO in place, it was like a dream come true when the PM announced CMCO and some of the business can reopen. It was a blessing to us as we have been putting in a lot of effort and thoughts into the curation of the fruit bouquet designs.

After delivering the bouquets, it was a pleasant experience to once again receive smiles and great feedbacks from the senders as well as the receivers.

REVIEWS from customer

Edible Fresh Fruit & Flower Bouquet by AFTERRAINFLORIST

We are now also offering these beautiful bouquets as an item in out product listing due to great response.

Missed out during the mother’s day? No worries and you can now place your order from our online shop in https://afterrainflorist.com/product-category/category/flower-fruit-bouquet/

Any feedback? Let us know.

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