Do you need a message card with flower?

Messages brings forth meaning for an action.

As a florist, besides beautiful blooms, romantic wrapping papers and lush ribbons,
we care about how the love message is shown to the recipient too!

Words has always been an issue especially with Asian families.

Human hardly express care and love verbally,
simply because they are shy and feeling awkward after saying it out loud.

Do not force them further, they will go crazy! ?

But AfterRainFlorist believes in the power of words. It can touch someone’s heart deeply.

Let us talk about the trinity of a message cards. So here we go……



The Card
Yes, the soft yet firm texture of our cards comes in 3 different colours, where we will decide which to pick based on the sender’s message and recipient gender.



The Cover
AfterRainFlorist believe that, letting the sender input the love-name (or pet-name) to increase the heartbeat while the persons pick up the card.

It’s something personal and heartwarming at first sight!

It also has a title where sender can create a sense of mystery “Why the present?”
or just with simple greeting like “Happy Birthday“

Don’t you just feel excited and can’t wait to know what message would be written inside?



The Message

Do not worry about the language, as long as you can send us, we can print it.

Let us know your favourite font and emoji so that we may arrange it nicely.
If it is some simple emojis, AfterRainFlorist will hand draw it to make it more special!



Some customer asked us: How many words allowed?

Standard Answer: Please remain below 300 – 350 characters okay.

Just kidding, as long as it is able to fit into the card and the wording is still visible to read,
we are fine.  Please have some emojis!

?  ?  ?  ?  ?

We love emojis <3

So, that is all about our card!

Purchase a bouquet with us,
Let us know how you would wish to make your own card special!



Any feedback? Let us know.

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