The Artisan Gift Box from AfterRainFlorist

With an adventurous heart,
we decided to start this exciting 2020 by
making extraordinary gift boxes in conjunction with this first festive season of the year.

Maybe because we’re bored with standard large CNY hampers with food that we don’t even know,
we very much like to promote petite and delicious local food 😊

One of the main ideas that we work towards for this artisan gift box is to be out of the norm.
Breaking the mindset that all the hampers are same and boring.
We ensure we know what we bring to our clients who buys the artisan gift boxes.

We do not simply put items into the box just because it is common,
but we want each item to be in the box to bring joy to the recipients.

It’s honored to meet these local entrepreneurs and see how they strive to bring the best of their products to us.
 We tried each of the items and love it!

It wasn’t a smooth journey while planning,
we do not have volume like large hamper brands, yet we hoped to have individual brands shine under our gift box.

It has always been a sad situation to see products being squashed or tightly packed into a hamper destroying the respect they deserved. After much consideration, we decided to take a big step by hand making the box itself.

We tried many different materials to assemble the box and multiple ways to secure the products without damaging the package and ensuring it’s in good shape. One thing that we strive is to ensure zero-waste (or close to). Even when all the contents are removed, the box itself is of a good size to be re-used.

Though it’s been challenging as we were busy with year-end events and planning, but all is well!

On the second week of launching the gift box,
almost half the gift boxes were sold to corporate companies as gifts, through supports from friends, and return clients.

Big shout out to beloved clients & friends! You have contributed for this big success!


2020 CNY Artisan Gift Box by by AFTERRAINFLORIST
AfterRainFlorist Giftbox - RM199
2020 CNY Artisan Gift Box by by AFTERRAINFLORIST
AfterRainFlorist Giftbox - RM299
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